Sunday, January 22, 2012


So, I read Kait Nolan's blog when I can (that woman is seriously prolific and I have no idea how she does it, so I often find myself woefully behind) nodding in agreement with much of what she says, mulling and pondering as well.  Then, the other day she introduced this concept that is just so brilliant, people.  (I know, you're all wondering what WOTY is, and will I just get to the point already!?)
Word of the Year.  Hers is "steady" which is a great one, I admit.  For me, personally, my WOTY is
It's an important word for me, with a book that is woefully behind schedule, plus an extra bebe to care for, a garden that needs starting, chickens that need feeding, bread that needs baking... you get the idea.  My life is busy, and if I let it, I could easily admit defeat, walk away from the world that fills my dreams and imagination, and call it quits.  It would certainly be the easier path then waking up early or staying  up late or giving every extra moment to research and writing.  I could take up crocheting or be super crafty like my super crafty sister (check my pinterest for a link to her blog).  
But no.  I am a writer and so I must write.  So then, the question becomes one of fortitude (which is another great word).  Will I give up?  Will I slack off?  Will I sleep in, when it's easier, thanks to my teething baby?  I am DETERMINED to finish this book.  I am DETERMINED not to let defeat overtake me.  I am DETERMINED to put out the best product I can, even if that means taking longer, making major rewrites, and finishing 6 or 7 mths later than I expected to.

ROW: I expect to finish up my short story Siren Song by today or tomorrow, along with formatting the others to send to some beta readers and then straight to proofing.  Hoping to hear back from my sister about permission for the images she wants to use for the covers and then get these done in the next week.  After that, I want to finish up Luka's story line by the middle of February.

What is YOUR Word of the Year?

Here are a few links that I've gathered for your reading pleasure:

Happy Reading!  


Anonymous said...

good luck getting to the finish line with your short story! i'm hoping for a productive week too :)

J.R. Pearse Nelson said...

Mine is balance. My husband and I choose a theme each year, and 2012 is about balance.

Anonymous said...

Determination is a wonderful word to focus on. When motivation wanes, determination forces us forward.