Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ask The Author: More News

Welp, I got asked after my last post if I was editing yet.

(You didn't miss it, I promise.  I'm still toiling over here.)

I was not.  But the sad noises can end, I'm here to announce that I finished up my short side project, and Ignis is now having the first lashings of a rough edit applied to it.

If you're familiar with my process, that means that when the rough edits are done, I'll be sending it to my beta readers for feedback on the overall story, then I'll get down to the nitty gritty editing.  (most likely 2 rounds of it)  When that's done, it gets sent to my proofreader person and then a couple weeks of formatting/editing and up it will go.  Still hopeful for end of summer (August) release, but I have a busy summer ahead of me, so it could be later.

At least it's done!  Yay to being done!  Also, I will hopeful have a new cover to show off soon!
That's all for now.  This one will be short and sweet. :)

Happy Reading!