Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cause for Celebration

Hey kids, it's happy dance time!!!

(yes, this is exactly how I dance)

I am happy to report, that Ignis is finished!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
It's pretty much exactly the length I thought it would be, 120k.  Well, actually it's 126,000ish words, but considering I'll probably be doing a LOT of cutting, come editing time, my first guess will probably be the more accurate one.

What can I say about this book, guys?  It's my favorite yet, I think.  Probably because EVERY. SINGLE. THING. that I've been laying out for the past 3 books is finally coming to pass.  Reveals that I've been holding to my chest, relationships that I planted as a tiny seed will finally blossom, events that I've been mulling over since I planned this book will finally blast through your brains as you read them.

Exciting times.  

It was probably the toughest one yet for me to write (I know I say that every time) because of all the build up.  And I'm not gonna lie, the last 5 chapters of this book wrung me out like a wet washcloth.  Just for the sake of my ability to edit, I'm going to have to put this thing aside for like a month and let my brain breath.  

But it's finished.  And it's glorious.  And I'm sooo sooooooo soooooooo happy with where I took the characters this time around.

So yay!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017 Start of the Year Post

Well, it's a new year, dear readers, and you know what that means...

(Well, maybe some light partying, ya'll.)

But seriously, 2017 is going to be so awesome.  First off, I am sooooo close to being done with Ignis.  Like, Luka has 5 sections, Zyander has 2 sections, and Nikka is finished off for the rest of the book.  OMG OMG OMG.  It will need a bit of tweaking, which is when it goes off to the betas and I can get rolling on finishing up another project, which will hopefully only take a couple months before IT goes off to the betas.  Then I'll start the editing on Ignis, and maybe even start on the first few chapters of Universis, for the sake of continuity, just to make sure I'm on the right track.  But YAYAYAYAY, Ignis is almost done.

This was a hard book to write.  I made a LOT of hard choices in this one, which you'll understand when you read it.  Hopefully, you'll all stick with me through the last book. *nervous chuckle*

Secondly, I've picked out my WOTY (word of the year): EXPECTATION.  As in, I have the expectation that good things are coming.  I have the expectation that I'm going to kick ass as a writer this year.  I have the expectation that I'm not going to let anything hold me back.  It's a great word to put you in a proper mindset for writing.  "I have the expectation that inspiration will strike and I won't be stuck on this scene anymore."

Thirdly, time to fess up about my finishing series list.  Here is the final account:

  1. The Lotus War books.  There is no good reason for why I haven't finished this series.  The main character is AWESOME.  The world is AWESOME. AND I OWN ALL THREE BOOKS.  Like what is wrong with me?
  2. The Lunar Chronicles.  I loved these books, but for whatever reason whenever I look at how long Winter is, my brain fails.  But this year I will read the last book!!!
  3. Under The Never Sky. I got partway through the last book and just quit.  What is wrong with me??? I really liked the other two books.  *sigh*  I have a problem.
  4. Dust Lands.  I really loved the first book in this series, but the second book and its sibling drama (not to mention that whole rapey type scene at the end) really turned me off.  Still, I do want to find out what happens to Saba, so I need to buckle down and finish that one.
  5. The Fifth Wave.  I was absolutely blown away by the first two books in this series, but I admit I am terrified of what might happen in the conclusion.  I will face my fear and read that book when it releases in FOUR DAYS??? EEP!
  6. Daughter of Smoke and Bone.  Honestly, why in heaven's name haven't I finished this series?  I freaking LOVE Laini Taylor.  Is it just that I'm a coward and I can't face how it might end?  Not sure.
  7. Penryn & The End Of Days. Okay, I'm just afraid that Pen and Rafe don't end up together, so if someone could just spoil that detail for me, I'll finish this series posthaste.
  8. The Heir Chronicles.  It's been so long since I read the last one that I really can't even remember what happened.  I just need to see if they have it on recaptains or something.  Because I loved every one of those stories. :)
  9. Lumatere Chronicles.  I read the first of these books, but honestly, Finnikin didn't excite me very much.  But EVERYONE AND THEIR BROTHER keeps telling me I have to read the other two because they are amazing.  So I added this series to my list.  
I was going to bust through the last Dust Lands book, but alas, I got laryngitis and THEN the flu, and I just read whatever I felt like for like 3 weeks. 

I will still finish them, of course, but right now I've got other things (library things) on my plate, so there's that.

So that's the lay of the land here in Norcal.  I'll post as soon as the rough draft is finished becuz PARTY TIME, until then...
Happy Reading!