Sunday, November 17, 2013

Who Likes Free Stuff?

I think we can all agree that I suck at marketing.  So I'm just going to do this the Oprah way.
Everyone gets free stuff!!!

My audiobook for "The Angel & Her Gun" is finished and ACX has sent me a crap ton(24) of free copies to distribute to whomever I choose.  And guess what, readers... if you send me an email, at katecauthor(at)gmail, then I will send you one.  I will do this until they run the heck out.

Here is a synopsis of the short story(it's about an hour long):
Samora is a gunslinger in the Wild West, but she doesn't just carry a gun. She also carries the cross ring that designates her as an angelic agent, sent from God himself to battle over mortal souls on earth with the demons who seek to win their ages long battle.She has two problems: her propensity for getting screwed over by conniving mortals and her love for Gideon -a fallen angel on the wrong side of the law.
Be warned, there is some PG-13 material enclosed.

On a ROW80 note, I've been plugging away at Terris.  It's not fast, but it's happening and that keeps me in my happy place.  I've written about 3 chapters per character at this point.  There will be a small lull this week and next, as my sister is out visiting from Wyoming.  Hopefully, I will still be writing, but with family around, I don't want to make any promises I can't keep.

That's all for now! Happy Reading!