Sunday, June 5, 2016

Obligatory Marketing Post

Hey, so, I wrote a new book.  It's been in the works for like 18 mths, but now it's up on Amazon!
Here is the awesome cover:
(It's so pretty it makes me want to weep)

Um, so let's see.  Basically, it's a giant mish-mash of Regency, Fairytale, Murder, and Sexytimes.  (yes, there a few, but it's mostly like pg-13 stuff).  I had a lot of fun writing this one, as it is kind of a divergence from what I usually write.  It's very fluffy and nonsensical and you will breeze right through it, if you care to read it.

Right now it's on the Amazon KDP thing, but I'm only gonna leave it there for the 90 day agreement, and then it will migrate to all the other sites you know and love.  Now I'll just post the book blurb and make my way back to the novel I'm currently reading...

Cat was perfectly happy as the pampered pet of her devoted mistress—even with the irritating Hound in residence—until Fairy Godmother changed her to a young woman to help servant girl, Cinderella, catch her duke. That success has now gifted the animals temporary humanity and released them into the world to fend for themselves. 
Cat hatches a scheme to find herself a rich husband—with help from the other animals and a secret stash of her owner's money. Hound's only plan is to ruin Cat's plan. As if learning the rules of polite society weren't difficult enough, London is awash with murders, courtesy of Shadow Man. He kills his victims to leech magic from them and transformed animals are chock full of magic. 
When circumstances throw Cat and Hound into the path of Shadow Man, they must find a way to escape his clutches and end the Season with their human forms intact. Through the candlelit ballrooms of society's upper echelons and across the dark and narrow streets of London, Shadow Man will become the predator and Cat and Hound, his prey. 

Happy Reading!