Saturday, February 15, 2014

Progress is Progress

It's kind of a good news/good news day around here, for once!  First of all, sorry about the lack of updates.  I don't know what that's about.  It's certainly not because I've been watching Kdramas instead of blogging.  Nope.

Seriously, though.  I've been sick twice in the past month.  Like lay on the couch, cry for mommy, pray that my children really WILL watch another episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, sick.  Then we were gone for a weekend, then the in-laws came up for a weekend.  Basically my new weekend writing chunk of time took a huge nosedive.

I know what you're thinking here.  What exactly is the good news here, Kate?

Welp, this morning I was sitting down, mapping out some newly changed details for the rest of the book, and I realized I only have about SIX CHAPTERS LEFT FOR EACH CHARACTER!!!  And okay, that's about 60,000 words, which is like another month straight of really stellar writing, especially when you only have your lunch break to write during.  (Wow, I'm really bringing down the good news here, aren't I?)

But there's another bit of good news!  I have successfully coaxed the children (with the use of a very clever wake up alarm) to sleep in to the reasonable hour of 6 am.  It took some doing, and it isn't always perfect, of course, but it works well enough that I can get up at 5 now and write for an hour before they wake up.

So that is my second bit of news, I've added an hour on to my writing time.  It's fabulous.  And it works so well, because mornings are when I'm at my best, creatively and mentally.

So yeah, 63% done, 6 more chapters of each character left, added an extra hour of writing time most mornings!  Yay!

Keep visiting and hopefully the news will just get better. :)

Happy Reading!