Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Super Obsession...

Besides reading (my top obsession, I admit it without embarrassment) and writing (second obsession, closely linked with the first), I have this thing for gardening. 
Maybe it's because growing something is an easy accomplishment. I mean, really, have you ever grown a radish? Try to kill it, I dare you. It takes minimal water and all it asks for is a space. The best part is, their leaves are kind of spicy, so bugs tend to stay away from them. 
So when spring starts calling, which if you live in Cali is NOW, I start getting antsy to be out in the earth, up to my elbows in mud and weeds and seeds, soaking up the sun. (No I don't wear sunblock, yes I am aware of the impending doom of skin cancer looming over me.) 
Yesterday my kidlet and I put on our big boots and overalls and spent the morning pulling the copious amounts of weeds that are trying to keep me from planting my seeds. 
I think my son gets his passion for gardening from a simple love of dirt, because by the time we made our way to the house for lunch, he was covered from head to toe in rich earthy loam. Bless that boy. 
I saved my seeds from last year's harvest, since I bought all those cool heritage seeds that you can reuse over and over. They may cost about $3 more per package, but it pays off when harvest comes. 

Oh boy, isn't this exciting stuff. I know you were hoping I'd say that Jersey Shore or the new season of American Idol are my super obsessions. hahaha

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