Sunday, March 3, 2013

Total Extreme Intense Ultimate Maximum

Some days you need a change.  You need to take all that stuff in your life and give it a makeover.  But it can't just be... let's make some changes here or there, lalalala.  No, this time, you need to go FREAKING SUPERSONIC ON THAT STUFF!

That's what I feel like today.  February in Cali is like a DREAM (Yes, I know it's March now, stay with me here).  It's like the weather forgets it's supposed to be winter and starts warming up everything.  The daffodils come up, so do the early irises, those little blue bells I don't know the name of, and the grass gets all green again.  The orchard trees around where I live fill to bursting with pink and white blossoms.  This is the time where my spring fever kicks into gear and I just start feeling like I'm going to BURST out of my skin if I don't get stuff picked up and organized!

It's not just cleaning, either.  My writing starts to feel old hat, and I'm just DYING to imbue it with some new zing, or a plot twist or KILL OFF A CHARACTER.  (Don't worry, I didn't this time.  But let's just say that last year there was some sadness.)

It's the time of year that I have to fight the plot bunnies the hardest.  I fritter them away and beg them to stay in their little notebook and stop plaguing me with imaginative visions of plotlines.

So this year, I'm trying my best to harness that spring fever energy while I have it.  I'm gonna try to bump up my chapter count and push forward on all my projects.

I got more writing on Nikka done last week, but not as much as I wanted.  My children sabotaged that a bit with their horrid naptimes.  Hopefully, Terris' wordcount will be on the rise this week, as well.

In the meantime, thanks to my WOTY, FEARLESS, I did something else I hadn't contemplated before.  I posted The Five Tribes series and one of my side projects on ACX to get them potentially made into audiobooks.  I'm not as proactive about it as some of my fellow authors.  I just put up some quick profiles and thought, "Eh, let's see what happens."  Well, what happened is I got an audition.

So that's cool!  If you are a fan of the series and interested in giving feedback on auditions, shoot me an email at: katecauthor(at)gmail(dot)com.  I want to make sure I pick someone who seems to match the voices of my characters.

That's all for this week!  Happy Reading!


Unknown said...

I know what you mean about the spring fever, I get it every year too. Unfortunately the weather here has been weird the last couple of years, so all of the snow melts away and it's like spring, then we get a storm and there is snow again, then it melts and is like spring, then the snow hits again. Stupid weather! You have the right attitude about turning the fever into productive energy though. Good luck :)

Shah Wharton said...

Stopped by for the ROW80 update? Anyway, hope all is going well and you're reading/writing oodles - X

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the audiobook news! I haven't even started trying to tackle that market, sigh.

Good luck on harnessing all that energy!

Anonymous said...

Argh, I just tried to post and Wordpress said I wasn't signed in. :(

Anyway, I think I congratulated you on the audiobook news and told you I hoped you found a good way to harness the spring energy.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow...send some of that Spring Fever my way, LOL. We just don't have enough changes between seasons. Hope you make that energy work for you this week!