Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Cure for it All

As mentioned in my previous post, I may have a bit of the crankypants going on, because of hateful, detestable November slump!  But I have found the cure my friends! Now, I know what you're thinking... but it's not Ryan Gosling.

I was disappointed, too.

Turns out, all it took was belting out my favorite Christmas Carols to give that slump a kick in the pants.  More editing has begun, which doesn't do much for the word count, but I'm hoping to finish up the majority of that this week.  It's not a lot, anyway, just a matter of clarifying some things and broadening some of the descriptions.  Then it will be in the hands of my proof reader and I'll be free to concentrate on the pickle that is Zyander's story.

Why oh why is Zyander so difficult for me?  Maybe it's because he's the most grown up of my characters, being an actual adult.  Luka has so much immaturity and I find myself always knowing what he'd say and do when I write for his story line.  Zyander is such an enigma, though.
Even though I know in the general sense what I want to happen for his character this time around, somehow he always seems to wiggle free of the most basic questions I have for him.  Whenever I think I know how he's going to react to a situation, he turns around and says the exact opposite!  Sometimes I feel like saying, "That's it, you are on a timeout!  Go sit in the timeout chair and think about how you're acting toward your creator!"
So, I guess in a way, this week will be his timeout week.  When I pick him up again, perhaps he'll behave himself.  If not, I'm moving on to Nikka. :)
That's all for this week.  Found some interesting stuff on the web, so check it out if you have time.  Otherwise, Happy Reading!
Sean Beaudoin has a laugh out loud funny post featuring The twelve sexy MALE apostles of YA writing 
(And let me just say, it's nice to see the guys of YA represented, for a change!)

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Anonymous said...

Cool. Glad to hear the carols did the trick. LOL. Sounds like Zyander is a handful. Don't give up on him yet ;)