Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The New Me!

I've been thinking that it's a new year and I have a new baby, and I should revamp my bio. Pretty soon I'll have a new book to add (Iam willing, hahaha), and a new book I'm working on, so I should get my act together and update that sucker.
But I'm having a little problem...

No, it's not a freak windstorm!  (Sorry, had to reference my new favorite k-pop video)

I have no idea what to write, besides the obvious.  Hi, my name is Kate and I write books.  Will you read my books?  I wrote these books.  Oh, and also, I like to garden.  And read.  And I have two kids.  And a husband, too.   The End.

There, what do you think?  Yeah, that's about how I felt too.  So I'm clearly still dwelling on that.

But I did get some things accomplished.  Dedication and Acknowledgments, CHECK.  Intro to Kait Nolan's excerpt, CHECK.  Almost 3,000 words written in Terris, too, thankyouverymuch.   All in all, I'm feeling pretty good right now.  Although, I wish New Baby would sleep. Gosh that would be nice.  It would.

Happy Reading!


Lauren Garafalo said...

LOL, hope New Baby is fast asleep now!! I dread bios. DREAD. They're horrible. For a long time, I just left mine blank (and I hate when people do that cause I'm all I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOU :D). So I'm no help there. My first try looked just like yours. This is me and I do some stuff. <--Interesting, yeah?

Great job getting all of that done! You've been very productive already this week. All the best for the rest of the week, and see you at camp!!

CASS said...

Congratulations on Terris. Good luck with the bio!!