Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nothing Doing

I've been full of fail this week.  Curse you, evil teeth, hurting my sweet baby.  Still, even though I'm behind on my word count, I'm still making progress.  For one thing, I've written every day this week.  The Fire Angel book: 1,575 words.  Terris: 5,776.  For another, I got Aeris back from the proofreader's!  Yay!!!!

So my goal for this week, is to address the corrections that have been marked up, add in all the elements I already worked on, format and upload.  Most of the work has already been done, except for the formatting part, so hopefully it won't take too long to get up.

Meanwhile, the internet is full is of interesting things.

Authors, have you uploaded your books to Kobo yet?  If so, did you know that you can connect your goodreads reviews to your Kobo?  Forget waiting around for people to rate it, you can have all the reviews you've already earned for yourself!  Awesome!  Find out how to do that HERE.

Do you like cheap books?  I know I do!!  HERE is a great website that finds all the cheap ebooks on the web and puts them right at your mouseclick.

A timely warning on the use of copyrighted material on the web.  This one scared the bejesus out of me.  Read about this author's account, HERE.

I've pretty much always been on the indie side of things with my writing, so I guess I'm biased.  This is an interesting article, but Mark Coker is biased too.  Still, worth considering.  Read it HERE.

This one had me riveted—one author's experience with Apple iBookstore bias and content policing.  Chilling.  Read it HERE.  And the followup, HERE.

And above all, Happy Reading!


Anonymous said...

Well, Kate, I feel sorry for your child. Teething is never a fun time. However, I am a half-full glass sort of person, and I think it is impressive that you got writing done every day. Yay for you!

I hope the teething pains go away soon! :)

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

Lauren Garafalo said...

Sorry about the teething! That must be stressful for both of you. And YAYYY for all the writing! You've done well this week, teething pains and all. Hope your Nano project is still going well :D