Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Shot of Adrenaline...

I'm not feeling it today and I haven't been for a few days.  I've been sick and New Baby has been teething.  It's hard to sleep when you're all plugged up and you have a sad little man who demands comfort in the form of not sleeping, but rather rocking and holding and loving.  Which I don't mind.  I love being a mom.  
However, fatigue is NOT a good motivator.  5:30 AM is difficult when you've been up all night.  And skipping the afternoon nap is downright impossible.  I have gotten some work done on Zyander and another Angelic Agents story I've been working on, but it is slow going.  
Still, I have not forgotten my WOTY.  DETERMINATION.  I may be down, but I'm not out!  I still have the goal of finishing Zyander by the third week of March.  I still want to be at LEAST edited, if not proofed by April 30th.  But overall, I want this book to get finished, and kick butt!  :)  I'm excited to see what fans of the last book have to say about this one.  

Other things on the world of the web:
FREE BOOKS.  No, really.  I'm serious.
Baen, the most awesome publisher of sci-fi, is giving away their books.  Because they are AWESOME!!
Also, have you heard of Lendle?  If you have a kindle and an addiction to buying indie books, then this might be the place for you.  Check it out HERE.

Remember when I did that series on Author Etiquette: HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE?
Well, not to toot my own horn or anything, but it turns out it was kinda true.  Read about that, OVER HERE.

That's about all from me.  Hoping for better news next time.  Until then, Happy Reading!


Claudia Lefeve said...

Poor little man (and you!). And you know I'm super excited about Aeris!!! Love the updates.

And thanks for the links, especially the author etiquette one!

Tia Bach said...

I have a lot of "heres" to get to. ;-)

Sounds like you are doing quite well. I'm amazed at some of the ROW80 ladies with little babies who are kicking it.

I have three girls (12, 10 & 7) and don't know which way I'm going most days. And my first novel took my 10 years from idea to publish date. (I started it when my oldest was six months old).