Sunday, February 12, 2012

Phoning it in...

I had a whole huge entry about my word of the year, DETERMINATION, to share with you, but then New Baby got the croup again and I got about... hmmm... 45 minutes of sleep last night.  Sometimes, as a mama, I DO have to tell myself, "You can get through this.  You can, and it WILL get better."  Thank goodness I have another son's experience on my belt or otherwise I might think otherwise.  New mamas out there, you have my sympathy.  I've been there and I understand your deep, everlasting fatigue.

I digress.  On to my update.  I'm so excited, guys!  I'm at 145,000 words with Aeris.  I'm >THIS< close to being finished with Luka's story and I've got my short story collection in proofing.  One of them.  The other one is in limbo because I haven't figured out the ending to one of the other stories yet.

I'm pretty sure —unless I come down with the plague— that I will, in fact, finish it by the 15th.  I'm so very very excited about where Luka's story went with this book, although I think I said that about Nikka's story, too. hahaha

So that's it from me for now.  I'm going out of town on Wed.  So I may or may not update.

Good luck to all my fellow ROW participants and Happy Reading!


Claudia Lefeve said...

Yay! So excited about Aeris! I am so interested to see where you took Luka's story!

Deniz Bevan said...

Sounds great! You're doing well :-)

Unknown said...

Good luck on finishing. I write dialogue heavy stuff - I can't imagine writing 145K on anything :).

So I'm impressed that your imagination lets you into that level of detail.

Nadja Notariani said...

Croup again? Oy. I can remember the sleep deprivation - it is impossible to sleep through a croupy cough.

What a word count! Here's to you finishing by the 15th, Kate. Is the short story collection a separate piece, or are you referring to the different characters' stories within Aeris? (I'm slow on the take this morning...not enough coffee yet...ha!)

Kate said...

@Claudia: I know, right? Just finishing up Luka now. I'm literally in the middle of his last chapter. Eep!

@Deniz: Thanks! It's hard to feel that way when this book is about 6 mths too late, but I will take the encouragement anyway.

@Mark: I'm heavy on dialogue myself, but somehow, this particular world is easier to imagine than some others I've worked on.

Kate said...

@Nadja: Yes, croup AGAIN! But thanks to our humidifier, his croup goes as quickly as it comes these days. Thank GOODNESS for your recommendations.

The short story collection is an experiment with KDP select. I could never give Amazon a book exclusively, but I wanted to try it, so I'm unearthing a few short stories that I never did anything with.

I wish I could have caffeine, but New Baby says NO. :)