Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Buzzing Brain... Oh, yeah, a word count.

Word count first, for all of those visitors who come here because I'm on that linky thing:

Aeris: 39,024.  I estimate that tomorrow or Friday I will hit 40,000.  I don't know which, however, because I'm headed down for a quick stop to my parents' house, then sprinting back either tomorrow night or Friday morning.  As I've mentioned before, my early morning wakeup is at 5:30.  That is when I write.  If I'm driving at either of those times (or getting ready to go to my parents' house) then I'm not going to be writing.  But no matter what, I see myself hitting 40,000, my goal for this week, by Sunday.

As I mentioned last week, my word count for this book is going to be greater than the last book.  One of my readers commented that what I should do is focus on finishing this book up and releasing it after new baby is born, instead of trying to do two books and have neither ONE of them be finished.  Good point, really.  However, my fear is that it will be another year before I have time to write again.  All of you nice readers keep pointing out that I will find the time somewhere.  Writers write.  Maybe.

But see there's little little book called Six Keys that I wrote a while ago.  It actually has a prequel and a sequel that I have planned. The Doorman's Collection has been planned for several years.  Yes, seriously.  I even wrote a few chapters of it.  But it is set in the late 60's, and then 70's, so it is requiring a lot more research than even Six Keys did.  This has meant a significant delay in publishing, because I just don't have the time to write, and take care of kidlet, and research.  I don't.  I get people asking me all the time when the prequel is coming out, but gosh dang it, I have no idea.  And I'm sorry about that.

My fear is that Compis will be out, and maybe Aeris, then any fans of the series will be left hanging while I get my baby raising act together.  So the truth is, it's time for another serious look at my goals for the next 2 years.  I did this back in January, before releasing Compis and back in August, before my final edit of Six Keys.  It's one of those things that continues on, I guess.

In other news, interesting things are happening in the publishing world.  I can say publishing, and not indie publishing this time, because of:

Amazon getting into the Publishing Business
Another Conversation between Joe Konrath and Barry Eisler (VERY LONG, but worth it)
A Conversation between Jennifer Crusie and Barbara O'Neal (Also very long, but worth it)

I feel like I'm caught in the middle of a typhoon, with all that has happened in the publishing world in the past few weeks.

As a reader though, I will benefit tremendously, so to all,
Happy Reading!


Unknown said...

Great links! Thanks! I always enjoy Konrath, even when it's super sized. And the other link was quite an interesting read too. It's an exciting time. :)

Have a great week!

Vicki Keire said...

I didn't realize you had a little one on the way. Did I read that right? Congratulations!
I really appreciated the third link. I've never heard of Jenny Crusie, but it was a really interesting conversation. Esp. the emotional aspect of books and reading, and how that might be affected by Indie publishing. I don't see that mentioned much on Konrath's blog. He seems to be all about the bottom line.
I am really impressed by your work ethic and your enthusiasm. Writing is the hardest thing I've ever done. I can tell you get that, and no matter which ms or story line you go with, I think you'll finish and do well.
Compis is in my TBR pile. Haven't read past the sample, but what I've read so far really stuck with me. I get what you mean about Divergent- the five tribes- but your SF setting and mythology is very unique.
I'm rambling all over your blog. Sorry!

Claudia Lefeve said...

Just do what you gotta do... I think its wise to play it safe and strategize before the little one arrives. And you'll probably be surprised that you might even get some writing done after the baby comes!

Nadja Notariani said...

The articles are great! The publishing world is going through big changes right now, and it seems a good thing for writers and readers.
I enjoyed Konrath's attitude that 'publishing isn't an idealogy, but a business' as well as his stance against adopting an 'either/or' mentality between self/legacy publishing.
Great links, Kate! Thanks for sharing. ~ Nadja

C.Farrell said...

I meant to say good luck and congrats on the pregnancy on my blog. So, good luck and congrats! ;)

Seriously, you will find time. Once you start managing your time around the bubba, you'll figure it out. I had a baby last year, and I swear I've been more productive than before. It's just worked out well for me—although I am pretty tired. :D