Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How I Choose What I Read...

I've been a reader since I picked up Nancy Drew in the first grade. That love of reading progressed to Louisa May Alcott, Tamora Pierce, Gene Stratton Porter, etc. My mom loved older books, so I have a rather unusual education in that regard. 

Still, I read everything, pretty much, that I can get my hands on. Any genre, any style, any age group. I have a particular fondness for children's and young adult books, maybe because most authors are afraid to let anything TOO bad happen in them. Or maybe because there are no boundaries in a children's story. Anything could happen. 

Look at the Harry Potter books. Amazing. Whether you like the series or not, you have to agree that J.K. Rowling used her vivid imagination to the fullest when writing those books. 

How do I choose what to read? Well, it used to be, before I had a two year old who runs shrieking around the library, that I would go in and browse the new books to my heart's content, in every section, including children's. 

I would pick out a huge stack of books -10-15, depending on the length, and be back again in a week. I was a mass consumption lady. 

These days, between writing and raising a family, my reading is much more limited and so is my browsing time. These days, I go by word of mouth. 

Word of mouth is a powerful engine. Thanks to word of mouth, I discovered the Hunger Games, Terry Goodkind, Harry Potter, Katie McCallister and my favorite author of all time George R.R. Martin -followed closely by Orson Scott Card. 

Even now, I'm reading Ranger's Apprentice, because my sister Hope loves them and gave them to me to try for myself. 

If I like the books people suggest to me, then I pass them on to others. If I don't, I either tactfully give reasons why I don't like something or I keep it to myself. 

That is why I like goodreads so much! I can find out what my friends are reading, through word of mouth, and figure out what to try for myself. 


I loved that site before I was a writer and will continue to love it, even if Six Keys never sells another copy. Somehow, though, word of mouth must be in MY favor, as sales are holding steady. :) 

Keep on reading your books and reviewing them, people!

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