Friday, December 4, 2015

Ask The Author (the audiobook edition)

Laura asks:
Are you planning to have an audible version of Terris? I'm excited to read it - and am reading / listening to the first two books right now!

Well, Laura, as much as I do hate to disappoint my fans, the answer to this question is no.  And now the super fun explanation as to why.

So, I got the AMAZING Em Eldridge to narrate my books in some kind of cosmic blessing that I still don't quite understand.  I had signed up with ACX (which is like the indie author's marketplace for finding a narrator/producer for an audiobook).  She did the first book and the second and Audible even kicked in like $2500 extra for her.

It used to be that an author and a narrator could make an agreement that they'd make the book together and share like... 70% of the profits, I think?  Then ACX decided to slap both the creators in the face and knock that down to an absurd 25%.  So I ditched ACX and never looked back.

Now virtually every good narrator on ACX is payment only (which is how it should be, since they got royally screwed over) and believe it or not, I don't have a cool $3000 lying around my house, waiting to be spent on audiobooks.  I've got two kids, and a house payment... there are plenty of other places for that money to go!

I considered a kickstarter at one point.  I really want you guys to have yourselves an audiobook if you want one, but I'm not sure I even have the audience to fund the thing.  I'm no Amanda Hocking.  So, Laura... I'm sorry to say that the audiobook isn't happening.  Wish I had a better answer. :(

Happy Reading (errrr... listening)!

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