Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Hate to be Debbie Downer...

All the dramz on the internetz are making me tired, people.  I'm in a fortunate place where I can say that.  I'm not having my safety threatened by crazypants authors who want to freak me out so badly that I can't even sleep in my own house at night.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, you are one of the few remaining that don't.  I will only provide one link, and that is to reviewer Lucy's post on STALKING.
Long story short.  Some authors, traditional and indie alike, don't like it when people give them bad reviews or snark about them.  Some of these authors have taken it upon themselves to make a hate site for all the authors they don't like.  Sure, this is a free country, and if haters want to hate, we can't stop you.  But when you post personal info that makes it easier for an angry mob to go after these reviewers, we have a problem. When reviewers are afraid to sleep in their own houses at night, we have a problem.  When someone starts to fear for their life OVER A FREAKING BOOK REVIEW, we have a problem.
I wish... I wish I could go back to the old days of goodreads.  Back in 2008, when I first joined it, I had such a fun time posting what I was reading and connecting with other readers.  Sure, there would be the occasional troll or snarkfest, but overall, it was a community based on a love for reading.
When I see authors who can't get a clue, who over and over again INSIST that they have a right to tell other people how to feel about their books, I feel sick inside.  Trust me, I sympathize when people call your book "gay-bashing" or "hate filled" especially when that wasn't your intent.  But that's life.  And you need to trust GOOD word of mouth to spread on behalf of your book.  You need to trust that the readers out there who GET your work will find you and tell others how great it is.  You need to trust that everything WILL be okay if someone hates your book. It does suck when someone spends 5 pages telling everyone how much everything about your book—characters, world, plot, etc—aren't worth the paper they're printed on.  When someone says that it's hours of their life they will never get back.  I've been there.  But who gives a crap, anyway?  Your book will still sell.  Mine does.  People will still email you to tell you how much they enjoyed your books.  People do for me.  The world will keep turning, I promise.  Instead of focusing on the negative, how 'bout you keep writing instead.  Do your best work, always.  Keep your chin up.  And stop lashing out at the people whose opinions ARE ONLY OPINIONS.

On to other things.  No word from the proofreader.  :(  She has the deadline of July 27th, which she has assured me she can meet.  I've finished Luka and Nikka's chapter outlines for Terris, but I'm majorly struggling with Zyander.  I feel like I really need to pin him down, too, because his story is going to intersect Nikka's in the beginning and Luka's in the end.  My goal is to finish both the Terris outline and the Angel outline by August 1st, so I can go to NanoWrimo Camp.  Hopefully I'll finish. :)  In August, my goal will be the 50,000 words for the end of the month.  We'll see how that pans out, but that would help me get a chunk of Terris done in a major way.

I'm really excited to start up on the next book in a major way.  Terris is going to have so many interesting elements in it that continue from Aeris.  I don't want to spoil the story, though, so I will keep quiet about them for now.

Off to switch the laundry.  Happy Reading!


Nadja Notariani said...

Ha! Darned that laundry...always interrupting a good post. :}

I will read your link even though I already agree with everything you've stated. It's only a review. Life goes on. The sun will certainly come up tomorrow...and like you said, sales will still happen. Sigh. I think drama-fever has infected way too many people. I just want to write books and read books and talk about them. :}

Vicki Keire said...

Hey Kate!
I had no idea there was a controversy brewing. Shows me how much I've had my head in the sand lately, I guess. The whole thing sounds really unprofessional, although the voyeur in me wants to go check it out now to see if anyone hates *me*. That would almost be funny.

I do miss the Goodreads I orginally joined. Now it seems like there's a whole bunch of writerly spam, and I'm just not getting as many good book recs as I once did. I still love the site, but there's no doubt it's changed.

Kate said...

@Nadja: In the summer, we're big on using the clothesline, so when the laundry is done, it's quite and interruption. :)
You know, Nadja, I've been trying to figure it out and I think you're right. Drama is infecting everyone! Luckily I got my personal inoculation some time ago. It's called common sense.

Kate said...

I know, right? It just so happens that it's affected all my favorite reviewers, so that's how I found out.
There is a lot of writerly spam, but if someone spams me, then I usually remove them as a friend.
The site has changed so much from when I joined, some good, some bad. But this is throwing a taint on everything. Everyone is so defensive now. No one can make a single comment without it being taken the wrong way. :(

Em said...

I am not sure I have ever been on goodreads so I am totally unaware of all the associated problems. Very scary when a review starts ruling people's lives.

I hope your Camp prep ges well and I think I added you to my cabin :)

Nadja Notariani said...

Ha! Personal innoculation...I like that one. I got mine in childhood. :} Mine came in the form of my father, a logician of sorts. He was all about pointing out faulty reasoning, illogical arguments - and definitely squashing all hints of melodramatic angst amongst his brood of At times those lectures were boring , but I'm glad for them now.

Kate said...

I wasn't aware of all this goodreads controversy. I mainly use the site to categorize books I want to read and look for recommendations. That blog post was seriously crazy. I don't know the people involved but it sounds pretty out of control.

Anyway - what I came to your site for was an Aeris update and I'm glad to see you should be getting it back soon. Excited to read it!

Kate said...

@Em: We keep missing each other! I sent you a camp nano message. Hopefully we can finally get in the same cabin. :)

Kate said...

@Nadja: Yeah, my mom has always been my source for common sense. Then and now. I'm truly fortunate to have my parents in my life.

Kate said...

@Kate: Thanks for stopping by. I've been promised the book by the end of this week. *fingers crossed*

Em said...

Hey! Just saw your comment at my place about camp and cabins!! My only worry is me and a couple of the row80 peeps requested each other at same time and we didn't all end up together! Such a pain! I am in one with a couple of row80 friends and have already made contact so don't feel I can ditch them now. We can still see how each other are going check-in wise. Are you on twitter? If you are I a @emwantstowrite (original!) so add me if you want!

Happy Saturday!