Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Questions answered!

I've had a complete failure in the writing dept. this week.  Give it up for fatigue everybody!  I'm going to have to work double time to improve my numbers for Aeris.  Oh well.

I've gotten a few questions regarding the Five Tribes series that I wanted to answer really quickly, just so everyone has an idea of what's going on there.

Q. Are the characters from the first book, Compis, going to carry on in any other books or will there be new characters for every book?
A. I think I can emphatically say that Luka, Nikka, and Zyander will be in every book in this series.  I have long term plans, people, long term.  This means that I have a story for each of the characters that will carry through till the end of this series.

Q. How many books will be in this series?
A.  For the story of Nikka and choosing, there will be 5 books.  I know, that's a lot, right?  And it might change, depending on where the story goes.  My plan is/was to write one every 6 mths, but I didn't expect the next book to be so long or to have a baby (haha).  Hmmm... Assuming the rest aren't as large, I should be able to do that, but for now, it will have to be 6-12 mths each.

Q. I liked the other characters in the book, will we get to read more about them?
A. I have in my mind the idea that I'd like to do a standalone book about the first Compis, (when I'm a MUCH more experienced writer) because that one will be complicated.  I'd also like to do a SHORT series, like 2 books featuring Alea and Keran.  Then there is Nikka's sister, Teah, who I'd like to write about.  And THEN there is a whole other story brooding about in my mind that I'm busily ignoring that is also (sort of) set in the 5 tribes world.  Other than that, no.

Q. My favorite character was the vixen, do you have any favorite characters?
A. I'm quite fond of Luka.  I think it's pretty obvious that my books are all about character growth and initially, I think it's much easier to see where Nikka and Zyander would have lots of character growth, but not so much Luka.  But actually, his story line is one of my favorites and despite his modest beginnings, I have BIG plans for him.
The "crone" character has always been a favorite of mine.  You know: maiden, mother, crone.  Agga and the vixen are both crone characters, imparting wisdom from a long life of learning.  Both of them are also my favorite characters.

Alas, I must run and start dinner.  But if you have any more questions, feel free to ask!  Happy Reading!


Nadja Notariani said...

Loved the reader questions/answers. A novel every six months is impressive. This last novel of mine was begun in November, and it will be at the end of March that I will publish (hopefully) was a very fast pace. Oh! That all the stories come tumbling out as this one
As for your insight and advice on the scathing review...thanks.

J.R. Pearse Nelson said...

Sometimes the days just pass without the writing happening. I never MEAN for it to happen that way...but life...

Good luck rockin' the word count in the final two weeks! We can do it!!