Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Feeling the Disconnect...

Well, with a bit more optimism than I feel right now, I signed up for the year's final ROW80.  I hesitate, especially after reading Kait Nolan's goal blog, to name a goal though.
Should I shoot for 1000 words a day?  I know I can write that much, if I sit down and do it, but I also want the freedom to duck out, or hit the snooze button like I did today. New Baby makes me tired.
I could say, like I did last time, that my goal is to finish Aeris.  However, when I did that, my life blew up and now here I am with a book that is 2/3rds finished.
So I guess my goal will be to write when I can, to try and finish Aeris in time for the Christmas rush on ebooks(which there will be, have you SEEN the new Kindle prices???), and to forgive myself for not attaining either of those goals.
New Baby just woke up, so I have to go.  Good luck to all and Happy Reading!

PS- I'm up to 96,243.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate. ROW80 is for changing as you go, and there's no judging. For goodness sake, don't beat yourself up before you get started. Especially with a little one. Just do your best and enjoy the ride. Rock the ROW !!! ~clink~

Anonymous said...

Learn to type one handed :) Sorry...have four, been there, done that, keep TRYING to burn the t-shirt. I think the wee beasties make me new ones and sneak them into my dresser.

Good luck!

Claudia Lefeve said...

That's why I haven't changed my goal since Round 2! As long as I write every day, I don't worry about word counts! Even if it's only a sentence :)

Tell baby hi for me!

Nadja Notariani said...


It's great you're back for round 4! Maybe if you set less pressure on yourself, you'll end up accomplishing more. Hope that's the case. Christmas rush?? This is my first year as a published author...(I'm aspiring to have two things published by Christmas....Ohhh boy.) There's a big Kindle Christmas rush??? Ack! I'm not in the 'know' ~ Nadja

Vicki Keire said...

That's a pretty hefty word count there. 96,000???? I'd say you've already made a lot of progress. It's hard with a little one.