Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dark Skies for Writing By...

It's 3 in the morning and I'm writing a blog post which must mean... New Baby Copeseeley has arrived.  :)  He is as enchanting as his brother and I suspect I'm going to be busy for quite some time.  However, now that I'm up all hours of the night, perhaps I'll have time to finally finish Aeris, which believe me has been on my mind of late.

That's pretty much all the update you'll get from me.  If ROW is still going, I'll post this to let everyone know where I'm off to, and I will, of course, keeping writing blogs.  How can I not?  There is so much great stuff going on in the world of writing and reading.

On a side note:
Started Vicki Keire's book Gifts of the Blood and thus far I am enchanted.  Warning to new moms, though.  Don't read this one unless you want to cry buckets through your hormones. hahaha

Read these great posts on JA Konrath's blog.  Quick aside on Konrath... He is considered by many in MY neck of the woods to be the definitive voice in current happenings for indie writers.  His writing is often volatile, opinionated, and unapologetic, but I have seen this man get it right OVER and OVER again.  If you are an indie writer or just interested in the goings on of the other crowd of writers, I most highly recommend him.  Here are the posts.  I laughed my butt off over that one.  "Four pages!" hahaha Very thought provoking commentary on how the industry of writing is really opening up for authors and giving them more power.  Another interesting post about how the power dynamic is shifting in the writing industry.  Good read, but long.  :)

Happy Reading!


Unknown said...

Congratulations on your new arrival! I love the way you describe him as enchanting. :)

Konrath has been right so many times about what's going on with the indie world, I'm wondering if he has a crystal ball. His posts are always straight from the hip and very informative.

Enjoy these days with your new little man!

Nadja Notariani said...

Congratulations on another sweet baby boy, Kate! I remember those days of late night/early morning feedings. I, too, got a lot of reading done while we were up. Enjoy him...that beautiful newborn phase is gone so quick. (Good for our sleep schedules, true, but there's nothing quite like being cuddled up with a 'Baby-Magic' scented infant :) ~ Nadja

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new baby!

Best of luck with your future writing goals.