Sunday, July 17, 2011

Look, I'm useful! ROW Check-in.

Sooo... my car is still limbo and I'm getting a ride back to my house with my sister, who is going to stay for a few days.  Our only other vehicle besides my husband's work car is a GIGANTIC van that we use to haul our trailer around.  As you might imagine, it's a joy to drive.  Anyway, hopefully we can get it fixed soon and I will be saved from the beast. hahaha

Writing was about as successful this week as it was last week, with no respite in sight.  I have busy mornings next week, busy afternoons next week, and busy evenings.  I'm now hoping, hoping, hoping I will have this book finished in the next two weeks.  I mean, I still have editing to do, for heaven's sakes!  At this point in time I basically keep the file open on my computer and write in it whenever I get a free minute to write.  I'm at 80,000 words for Aeris right now, and I've got at LEAST 30,000 to go.  Good luck to me! :)

And now I have to go pack, but being my useful self, I wanted to leave you with a couple of links from around the internet that I found interesting this week.  Nothing too dramatic this time. :)

The first is a link to some videos on formatting for a POD novel (like Createspace) using Open Office.  I'm a big fan of OO, because it's FREE and open source(for you geeks).  I also highly recommend the blog it's linked to, for its usefulness to anyone who is a writer.

So here is the link:

The next link is one I found interesting because it's an honest discussion with traditionally published writers who are making the move to self publishing.  It's one of the better conversations I've seen, since there is no anger or derision toward EITHER option.  The pros and cons of each are discussed with an honesty that I find refreshing.

Link here:

That's all for now.  Sorry it's short, but that's all I've got for now.  Maybe Wed. will be better.

Happy Reading!


Nadja Notariani said...

Kate ~ Loved the links...again. Although, I believe I'll need to watch those videos while actually doing all that clicking around if I use the oowriter. I am currently using the regular oo, and I love it, but I'm basically a computer idiot. I prefer to call it...learning on the job. ha! Best of luck with those remaining 30k....and, p.s. I had a beast that we called 'the grocery-getter' for a few years. Sigh. ~ Nadja

Claudia Lefeve said...

All that stuff going on and you still managed to find time to beta read my book. You are like superwoman!

Don't forget to send me part 2!

alberta ross said...

great lonks thanks - considering all that you are doing a huge well done- all the best for this week

Nadja Notariani said...

I have a question that's been on my mind. I noticed that you write reviews on the books you read. I've been very reluctant to do so. I did offer my thoughts when I had Troppello guest blog, and I felt rather uncomfortable about it because I had some unpleasant business to say.
If you don't mind, I'd like to hear your thoughts....
Has anyone you reviewed (poor review) turned around and given a bad review of your work?

Have you had authors refuse to review you because you are very frank in your own reviews?

Is it difficult to promote around different author's pages? Or - do you only guest post and not review because of the situation?

How comfortable are you - as a writer - reviewing on your author's blog?

Thanks, Kate. If you get the time, I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts. ~ Nadja