Sunday, April 17, 2011

One down... (Yet another word count)

Okay, so sorry I missed Wed. check in.  I was traveling Wed. and Thurs. so those days were a major setback.  Then my husband got home from a week long trip yesterday morning, and we did a bunch of much needed yard work.  To top it all off, kidlet is much miserable with allergies and didn't sleep most of the night.  I ended up putting up our aerobed and taking him with me.  My poor husband was sleep deprived from waiting up all night for a late flight, so I shut the door and spent most of the night keeping my kid's foot from connecting with my face.

This is all to the say, that I didn't get as much writing as I wanted done this week.  That is the bad news.  The good news is, I finished The Demon & His Lover, though I'm still not super happy with the ending (I have a hard time with endings of short stories.  I tend to make them abrupt.) and I've started Aeris -this is the tentative title for the second book in the Five Tribes series.  I also did some chatting with my super talented sister and I now have a new look for my blog (goodreads readers will have to see the actual blog if they want to view it, since I usually post there by rss feed) and a new website (so pretty!).

I want to take a rabbit trail here to talk about my sister.  She is amazing!  She really is.  She has designed all of my covers (you can see the cool cover for Compis on my website): Six Keys, The Angel & Her Gun, The Demon & His Lover, Compis. She designed my website as a school project.  Oh yeah, did I mention, she's still in school???  She's got an amazing amount of talent as a graphic designer and I am very very lucky that she does stuff for me for free because she likes me. :)

That's all for now.  Hope to have better news on Wed.


Claire Farrell said...

Don't worry about missing a check-in, you're back and that's what matters. :D

Feeling you on the kid stuff. I seem to permanently have a kid kicking my face during the night lately.

I'm also an abrupt ender. I don't really enjoy prolonged endings for whatever reason.

Hope next week is great for you! :)

Belinda Kroll, YA Victorian Romance said...

ROW80 sponsor here!

Last round, I never did the Sunday check-ins. They just stressed me out. This time, I'm doing the Sunday check-ins, but only tweeting for my Wed check-ins. You make this work for you.

Like you and Claire, I hate extended endings. The major complaint about my last book was that it ended quickly. But I figure, if it were a movie, that's exactly how it would have ended. Leave you smiling and wondering how the couple is doing today.

Katy Pool said...

I have problems ending short stories too.

I also have problems starting them. And writing them. At all. So i commend you for seeing one to completion. Honestly, short story intimidates me WAY MORE than novel writing. I am far more willing to plunge into an entire 15-book saga than attempt a short story. I find them SO. INTIMIDATING.

So I give you a thousand awesome points for finishing yours!