Sunday, May 1, 2011

Short Sunday and Word of Mouth (Yes, Again)

This has been a busy week for me.  Formatting took longer than I thought.  I blame Kindle.  Do you know how impossible it is to put a table of contents into a mobi doc?  Seriously, I hope they change this, because Kindle is not up to industry standards on this one.  Consequently, after many hours of swearing and copious coding, it STILL doesn't have one. I'm pissed.  Of course, if anyone buys it on B&N, it will have a table of contents.  Because that's just easy peasy.  But mobi wants a WHOLE OTHER html page, and it just will NOT link in.  I'll figure it out eventually, even if I have  to crack mobi open like an egg.

Anyway, enough bitching.  hahaha  This coming week will be a busy one for me because Compis is online and ready for people to buy it.  I think it will be awhile, because it's not even searchable on goodreads yet, meaning, there is no way for the public to know about it.  :)  But it's there.  
I forgot to share the cover with you earlier.  Here it is.  Didn't my artist do a bang-up job?

Gorgeous!  I'm so lucky!
In other news, my book Six Keys will be featured on the website on Tuesday, so that is exciting too.  They just sent me an email about it yesterday.  I'll probably comment on the results on Wed. check-in.
My goal for this weeks 80 day writing campaign: Write every day.  I've been getting up at 5:45, because with a kidlet, you don't get a lot of writing time, and I'm admittedly one of those annoying morning people.  If I try to write at night, I read it the next day and I'm like... "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?!"  So I avoid it at all costs, get up early, and go to bed early.  I still want to get my novel done in the 80 days, but 30 days have passed, and I have barely anything written.  Yes, I did write another short story in that time, but I'm anxious to get as much writing as I can done before this baby gets here.  I'm hoping I'll get two books written.  That way I can work on editing and releasing them when I'm up at 4 in the morning. hahaha

New Subject:  Word of Mouth.  
So I was in the library last week, because kidlet needed a new stack of books of his own to read (yes, we are readers in this house!) and while my son was playing on the little computers they have there, I inched over to the YA section and started looking over their "new books".  There were two girls in there, working on a homework assignment (they were trying to figure out how to spell polio, so I can only assume that's what it was).  Most of the books I had read already, but the book Shiver caught my eye and I picked it up to read the blurb on the back.
"Oh my God," said a voice behind me.  "You HAVE to read that book!"
I looked back and one of the teens was staring at me earnestly.  "This one?" I asked, holding it up.
"It's like my all time favorite book.  It's scary good!  You have to read it, you'll love it," she said, nodding her head.
"Okay, thanks," I said, and walked out with it.

My point?  I LOVE READERS.  Seriously.  I know we were in the library, but how many times have I seen someone reading a book in a coffee place or at the park and stopped to talk about it?  I feel like, as a reader, I have this wonderful community of people around me, who can't wait to tell me what they liked and didn't about a given book.  It's amazing.  Yet another reason I love goodreads.  I know I plug them all the time, but I can't help myself, they are a wonderful website.  I don't know what I'd do without them.  

Thank you, readers of books, for your recommends.  I'll be sure to pass it on!
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