Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sale Fail and Word Count

Let's see 33,766, is the word count currently, but I hope to add another thousand to that before the day (and naptime) is over.  The word count went pretty good, but I totally failed on Wednesday and Thursday.  I was up until very late (for me) Tuesday and just could NOT face the idea of waking up at 5:30.  Of course, my kid woke up at 6:30, but at least I got that extra hour.  And a nap.  And slept in again on Thursday, when he slept in until the unheard hour of 7:15.  Holy cow!  How did that happen?
Kicked butt on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, though.  Hoping to reach 40,000 this week.  Oh, and guess what... I think this book is going to be longer than 70,000 words.  I have been suspecting as much, as it was being written, and I'm now fairly certain that Aeris will be at LEAST 80,000 words, but I'm thinking it may get to 90,000.  I don't know.  But this is going to blow my plans for having two books written by the end of August, dammit.  It might end up being 1.5 books.
In other news, there has been quite the firestorm in the Amazon author world this week.  It all started with Gaga and her servers crashing because of that Gaga album for 99 cents.  Literally no one had sales on Tuesday and Thursday, and if they had ANY sales, it was like 18 instead of 100.  Seriously.  And people were freaking the heck out.  I mean, I don't sell 100 books a day.  EVER.  But can you imagine selling 10% of what you normally do?  Holy cow.  And this went on FOR DAYS.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.... And people were flying through the forums questioning the book selling gods.  "Where did all the people go?  Did the rapture happen and only the Saints bought my books before???"
To top off Gaga, several other things went all weird.  Tags disappeared.  Also viewed percentages went missing. Also bought bars disappeared. Listmania stopped letting you vote if the list was helpful.  It also stopped telling you how many people had viewed the list previously.  Then there was the free book phenomenon.  People who downloaded tons of free books (like me) were much less likely to need anything else for a while.
And no one could tell if it was the server mess or Amazon being itself and changing things up. And because so many many things happened at the same time no one could tell what it was that threw their sales off.  It was all so confusing.
Today it is still a mess.  Half the people have sales that are back up to normal.  Half the people have not recovered one iota.  Tags have appeared and disappeared several times.  Also boughts have been flashing in and out.
I love it when the voice of reason comes out to try and help.  It's like, people are watching stuff fall from the sky and there's a person standing out in the middle of the street saying, "They aren't bombs, I swear.  It's just paper balls."  But they're so high up, that no one can tell, and they believe the worst, in their total confusion.
Anyway, that was my interesting end to the week.
Happy Reading!
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