Thursday, January 27, 2011

Surprise! I'm overloaded.

I think it shocked my family when I wrote a book. I mean, how many authors do you know? I didn't tell anyone until it was written, not even my parents. And when I got myself a beautiful proof complete with a professionally designed cover, they were even more surprised. I had written a book, and there it was, in physical form. The proof was incontrovertible.

Since then, the main question has been, "How did you write a book?" It's a fair question, since I had a son and an almost full time job during the period in question. Let me tell you how.

Writing this book took: 5 years, 4 rewrites, 7 different .mobi Kindle conversions, 3 uploads to online bookstores, 4 author profiles on various websites, 2 ad campaigns, 1 facebook page, and a partridge in a pear tree.

At this point in time, I know I'm supposed to care about my book and my readers, but I'm so tired. Self-publishing, and self-marketing is quite the task.

"You need a blog" 
"You need to join Author's Den" 
"You need to join Booksie" 
"You need to put your book in Listmania on Amazon" 
"You need to make sure you've got plenty of tags on your book" 
"You need to have an ebook" 
"You need to have a physical book" 

Need, need, need... the advice is endless. Really, all I need is for someone to read my book and like it.
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