Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Condensed Version

Hey all the readers of blogs on the internet...
How was your week?  Oh, fab.  How was mine you ask?  Well, let me give you the Reader's Digest Condensed version:
Or FML, as I like to say.  Don't worry, the F stands for Frack.

For those who can stand the TL;DR version:
I was gifted a house full of sick people this week.  Imagine every liquid that could leave a person's body out of every orifice imaginable, combined with fevers, no sleep, whining, crying, MUD(all over my freaking house) and every damn thing piling up to be done that can't be done because I have a 16 mth old sitting in my lap crying all day and a husband that actually has to work so we have stuff and you might understand how much my week sucked.
Oh, the horrors.  Seriously, how did my mom do this?  At one point in my life she had 7 children suffering from the chicken pox, ranging in ages from 1 to 17.  How did you survive it, mother???  I only have two kids and my life is one constant helping of FAIL.  Ah well.

So to answer the other unasked question... no I did not get any writing done this week.  And since Little C. still has an ear infection and the inability to sleep longer than short bursts of time, I seriously doubt that I'm going to get any writing done next week either.  But the hubby has a work conference in a week and I usually use that time to make a big push, so barring another plague, hopefully I will get some chunks of writing done in the evenings.

Happy Reading!
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