Sunday, January 27, 2013

Better Days Ahead...

So, idiot that I am, I've decided to combine this week's big push (writing wise) with my determination to get Little C. to have more bedtime independence.  See, the problem is he goes down to bed just fine.  Nary a problem.  Unfortunately, trying to convince him to stay there has been a hardship.

While my husband is gone this week, number one son will move into our bedroom and Little C. will get a crash course on sleeping in his own bed.  Even if it means I get to be up all night convincing him that his bed is the best place to spend the night.  How this will affect my writing I have no idea.  It will be a fly by the seat of my pants week, and the end result won't even be published here right away because I'll be gone camping next weekend.  Ah well.

This week wasn't as bad as I feared.  I hardcore slashed Zyander.  As in, only 3 chapters of his story remained, mostly setup from the ending of the last book.  I started in on his new outline and got about halfway done with that.  I even wrote two chapters of his storyline and I'm much happier with where it's going now.
I also added about 4500 words to my other project, which made me feel like quite the success.  I mean, compared with what I've done in the past month, this week was a freaking miracle.

Once again, I'm so thankful for the readers.  You know who you are, out there, sending me encouraging emails.  You guys rock!

I found a new booknerd site:
Seriously, guys, I might have to do this... or not.  I'm not a huge needle fan.  I wish I could do this.  I'm such a coward.
And I found some new writing music:
This video in particular is so creepy and cool!

That's all from me this week!
Happy Reading!

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