Sunday, June 3, 2012

Look, a Shiny Distraction!

The world is full of people who will either drag you down or lift you up.  I have seen both, and today is my day of VINDICATION!  Let me just note that vindication is a petty emotion.  It usually involves feeling like not only has someone stood up for the awesomeness that is you, but that you can now feel free to rub it in ALL THE PEOPLES' FACES!!

My family is amazing and supportive.  May you be blessed with such a plethora of willing and excited readers, encouragers, and cheerleaders, my friends.  One of these days, I will write a book about THEM, and you will know the depths of my thankfulness and appreciation.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as supportive as they are.  Here in the blogosphere, I must treat those in the real world like patients under the HIPAA code.  I will not name names.  It wouldn't be productive anyway.  Let's just say that a couple of weeks ago, a certain someone from my real life had some not so nice things to say about both me as a person and as a writer.  Suckage.  I brushed off the writerly part, because I've gotten a thick skin about this sort of thing.  But the personal stuff hurt.  I admit it.  

Cut to today, when said person commented to a friend of mine (perhaps not knowing he was a friend?) about me (thinking to gain a partner in commiseration), and my friend rose to my defense in the nicest way!  It was hard not to feel spitefully vindicated.  I squashed it down with a vengeance, but I will admit, it does warm my heart that I have good friends who have my back.

And now, my readers and writers alike, I will point you to many shiny distractions, so you don't ask how the editing on Aeris is going (fine, just fine.  Ask me next Sunday and you will hear me say YAY!  IT'S DONE!!).

HERE is an interesting article about the publishing industry from an insider.
HERE is yet another place to post your scribbles, fellow authors.
HERE is some excellent advice from writer Wesley Dean Smith on thinking of yourself as a publisher.
And HERE is a link to the awesome My Little Pony Tumblr I borrowed the gifs from.  My son is in love with this show right now, so I have it on the brain. :)

Happy Reading!  And stay awesome!


Nadja Notariani said...

Schadenfreude...that's the German equivalent of 'malevolent glee' and is apt to describe your feelings of vindication; although unnamed person behaved vindictively in bad-mouthing you in the first place, so I'd rather say that Providence took care of your light work. Ha! (by the measure you mete out, so shall you receive; what you sow, you'll reap)
It's always sweeter when it didn't come by your hand.

I often wonder about people like that. In all honesty, they're jealous.

Anyway...glad it ended on a positive note. Oh! Wait! (gathers the tatters of my thoughts after shiny distraction so expertly diverted...) Editing. Home stretch, Kate! Have a bring-it-home week!

Claudia Lefeve said...

Aside from sweet vindication, you now know who your friends are. :) Glad it all worked out.

And YAY, I don't have to wait for next Sunday to hear good news...excited Aeris is almost done!! *jumping up and down**

Kate said...

Eek! Tomorrow is Sunday! I am so excited to read Aeris. It's always nice when someone stands up for you - and you can know they are a real friend.