Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Doing that Indie Thing You do...

Hey there!  Remember that THING, we talked about a few weeks back?  This one, right HERE...
Well, it turns out, that's still a good idea!  What a concept!  For those of you too lazy to follow the link back (admit it, you are) let me just summarize.

As an author, you will get some wonderful reviews (at least, that is my hope for you!). You will get lovely emails, four and five star ratings on various book sites, you may even have your favorite reviewer send you an email telling you that she loved your book.

ON THE OTHER HAND... you will also get plenty of the other variety as well.   People who will call your book bad, say it's only okay, or pretty much ream your writing until you feel like it was a useless endeavor to write in the first place.  If you can't accept that as a FACT, RIGHT NOW, then you have no business in this business.

Seriously, good customer service is the name of the game, folks.  We indies (and not so indie) are running businesses that require absolute professionalism from us at all times.  This means ignoring the stinging one star reviews when they come (AND YES THEY WILL COME) or at the MOST thanking the reviewer for their generous time and effort in reading our work.

We charge people money.  Let's not forget that.  Any product or commodity on the market has fans and haters.  FACT OF LIFE.  That is why there are Mac people, PC people and Linux people.  That is why there are Team Jacob people and Team Edward people (and I HATE TWILIGHT people).

You know what's not great, at least for me?  What's MUCH MUCH WORSE than getting a one star review (which I have gotten, lest we think I'm an arrogant writer person)?  What's much worse than getting a one star review is feeling horrified by another indie author who just can't take the heat.  What is much worse is feeling embarrassed to BE AN INDIE —something that I've always been proud of before.

I'm going to link here because I feel like we all need to take a page from the lesson here, which is NEVER EVER DO THIS.

Posting FORTY reviews (real or not) on a reviewer's blog that YOU SUBMITTED YOUR BOOK TO, will not counteract her critical review of your work.

 WHY did you think it would be a good idea to respond to a one-star review (at least twice now) with a blog post deriding said reviewer and review... how in the world did you think that would help you become an "up and coming author" as you describe yourself??  

To the audience of people who reads this blog... PLEASE remember that the internet is a small world.  Use good judgement and good manners.  And realize one tiny little thing... IF SOMEONE DOESN'T LIKE YOUR BOOK, IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.  Pass it on.

Happy Reading!

PS- ROW update: I have actually been writing, despite a new round of sickness and sleepless nights.  Luka's storyline is closer to being finished and I am really excited about the round of celebration that awaits when I finish that first draft! :)

PPS- For a full update of the reviewer/author drama, of which I highlighted on the indie part, go HERE.
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