Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pinteresting, Very Pinteresting.

Well, my ROW friends, I missed my usual Sunday update, but that's just because I was traveling down, down, down to my parents' house.  My husband is on one of his trips and I hate being in the house alone.  We live in a very nice neighborhood, with good friends as neighbors, but it's just lonely in the house without him and I don't enjoy it.

Now I'm here and since I have nothing like laundry or dishes or dinners to make, I have forced myself to skip naps and have raised my word count for Aeris to: 121,360!  I've got several thousands of words more to go.  I'm guessing my final word count for the book will be about 140-150,000, which is double what the previous book was.

I was airing some of my fears to my sister (who is always one of my beta readers) and she confirmed part of my fears regarding Zyander's story line.  Zyander does some really interesting things in this new book, but unfortunately, because of the way I have my timeline set up, his timeline seems slower than the other two, which takes some of the excitement out of his story.  I'm going to be doing some reordering when I edit, and shorten the first part of his story, so I can get in all of the events I need to.  I can't concentrate on editing right now though, I must must MUST finish this dang book.  :)

I have discovered a new marketing technique that I wanted to share with you all and that is Pinterest.  Pinterest is like a mix between visual bookmarks and Facebook.  Basically, you have a place where you make a bunch of bookmarks for yourself, ordered by whatever labels you give them.  You can follow specific boards, so you don't have to see everything from one person. Your friends follow you and they get broadcasts of anything you pin(bookmark). On top of that, if they see something they like, they can repin it (bookmark it themselves) and their friends see it.  Then, as the final icing on the cake, all of your pins are randomly placed on the pinterest main page.

Let me show you my page, as an example:

On my page, I have a section where to find me online, blog, goodreads profile, my books linked online.  I also have a section for blogs and websites that are reader/writer related.  I'm making lists of my favorite indie books and my favorite books, period.  It's not only lots of fun, but it's a great way to get your name and your work out there.  For instance, I posted one of my stories, The Angel and Her Gun and someone pinned it as a book she wants to read!

If you want an invite, post your email and I will send you one.  :)

Next entry, I'll be talking about internet book reviewing and author reception.  There is an interesting debate going on right now about free speech and what that entails.

Happy Reading!
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