Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Goals, Getting Myself in Gear...

So, for those of you who commented about the scary sounding Boot Camp, apparently, I was mistaken.  It's not Boot Camp, it's Camp Nanowrimo.  Camp like: canoeing, campfires, crafts, and all those other c words.  :)  I'm never scared of Nano, it's been my friend for several happy years now.  If I ever make it big, they are going to get a huge donation from me, for all the help and support they've given my writing career.  Because of them, I realized I could finish something.  Because of them, I know how much writing I can get done in an hour, when I sit down and just WRITE.
So anyway, I might join up for the next round of ROW, just to be able to get that verbal encouragement, since none of my writing friends are doing Camp N, but that one will give me a harder goal to follow, with a cool little arrow and bulls-eye graphic, so it will keep me on my toes.
I've been away away AWAY from the computer and "sleeping in" this past week, enjoying my time off.  Creativity is hard work to achieve, but now I'm ready to get back in the game and finish up the rest of Aeris.  All my betas have gotten back to me with some really helpful feedback.  Thank goodness for beta readers!  They always seem to see things that you don't.  I will be careful with my edits of the first half and I have food for thought as I write the second half.
It's so funny to see myself from this time last year.  I know how far I've come from Six Keys.  Which, you know, may not be a perfect book, but it's all mine and honest work.  Edit after edit, rewrite and data loss in the middle.  I hope to be a better writer each time I put my fingers to the keyboard.
I care about books.  They are my passion.  I care about being better and making stories that are fun to read.  I'm no Steinbeck, and I don't hope to be, pretty much ever.  But I care about the finished product, because as a reader, I know what it's like to feel disappointment.  I know how much it sucks to read a book and feel like no thought or editing went into its creation.  That is pretty much a betrayal to me and I will always try my hardest not to make my readers feel that way.
Sorry, got a little serious there, but I've been thinking about my commitment to writing and it all kind of came out.  See you in the next few days, as I start up Camp N.

Happy Reading!
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