Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Goodbye ROW, hello Boot Camp!!

I made it by the skin of my teeth.  Somehow I slept through my alarm yesterday (pregnancy fatigue anyone?) and to top it off, my son woke up early, so I only wrote about 700 words yesterday.  But today I made it!  Final count on Demon and His Lover: 7,600 words.  Final count Aeris(for ROW, not for the whole book): 62,694.  Like I said, made 70,000 by the skin of my teeth.  But I made it!  Yay!!!
I assume bootcamp is like Nanowrimo, where you write 50,000 words.  I may not make that goal, simply because I'm not sure how big this book will end up being, but I really can't imagine that it's going to go over 120,000.  At least, I hope not. hahaha
I'm giving myself a break from writing after I finish the next chapter.  Then I'll save it all up for July 1st.  In the meantime, I'm picking up Six Keys again.  Now that I know MUCH more about formatting, it needs complete reworking, so that it looks prettier on those kindle/nook pages.  It's so fun to do these things myself.  :)  No really, I could hire someone (like I do for editing), but I just won't do it.  I'd rather do it myself and save my money, since I can. :)

So I bid all my new ROW friends adieu, rest assured  I will still be haunting your blogs for updates and wishing you all the best of luck in your new goals.

Happy Writing!
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