Sunday, February 17, 2013

What in the heck is a RomPod?

In the quest to stay true to my WOTY: FEARLESS, I've been trying new things.  New story ideas (just in the planning phase, not actually writing yet.  I have enough on my plate for now.), new plot twists for Terris (Oh, guys, there are good things to come and I am so excited about it!), and now another bit of news on the story front.

I have a couple of short stories that I wrote over a year ago in another of my universes.  It's a romance, western, fantasy kind of world.  I've mentioned it before, I'm sure.  The first piece is a story called The Angel & Her Gun  and it is pretty much perma-free everywhere.  The companion piece The Demon & His Lover is unfortunately NOT free on Amazon (because they don't let you set things free if you want to), but it's free just about everywhere else: goodreads, iTunes, and Smashwords.

Samora is a gunslinger in the Wild West, but she doesn't just carry a gun. She also carries the cross ring that designates her as an angelic agent, sent from God himself to battle over mortal souls on earth with the demons who seek to win their ages long battle.
She has two problems: her propensity for getting screwed over by conniving mortals and her love for Gideon -a fallen angel on the wrong side of the law. 

Anyway, that is all to lead up to here:  I got contacted by Amanda McCall of RomPod (Romance Podcasts) who was interested in making a podcast featuring my little story.  I was a bit back and forth about it at first.  I've always pictured Samora with a particular type of voice, you see.  So I chatted a bit with her about what she was thinking and ultimately decided to go for it.  Really, what decided me was how much she loved the story.  That was what convinced me that she would treat it with the respect it deserves.

When she told me the story was going to be available, I went back to the website and downloaded all the previous podcasts.  Thus far, I've listened to Impulse Control by Susan Bischoff and Desperate Measures by Candice Hern.

I just want to say, guys, this is GENIUS!  Seriously, why hasn't someone thought of this before?  I love romances, I love listening to stories on my iphone while I make dinner and work around the house.  I've subscribed to the podcasts and seriously, if you like this sort of thing, try it out!  I mean, it's free, so why not?

Here is the link for The Angel and her Gun.    It won't be available until Tuesday Aussie time, which is like Monday night for those in the US.

Enjoy and Happy Listening!

PS- For my ROW80 friends... I got about 2,500 words written on Nikka's storyline and another 1,500 written on the sexy side project before Little C. came down with a cold and double ear infection.  Needless to say, the rest of my week hasn't gone so well.  But that's okay.  We got some meds for him yesterday and he's already sleeping better at night and will actually leave my lap during the day.  This is seriously good news for my dirty house.
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