Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vacation... All I ever Wanted!

Hello from the other side, my friends!

I have been traveling like a maniac across the country: Nevada, Utah, Yosemite and the Sierra Nevadas of California.  I have spent more hours in the car than I have in the past year and my children are now seasoned travelers.

In my three weeks, I've seen: mountains majesty, 3 dead cows on the side of the road on Hwy 6, trees you can stand inside, little boys fishing in pond, lake, and stream, Oded Fehr (heck yes, and it was thrilling for a Resident Evil fan like me), and a thrashed trailer thanks to a mama bear and her three (YES THREE) cubs that adopted my parents' property.

I have missed my internet and my goodreads addiction reached an all time HIGH, but there is good news (besides happy boys and husband who have FOR ONCE received my entire attention):  I'm 9 books ahead in my books of the year goal and I've officially begun to start on the next book in the Five Tribes series.

So what is the scoop, my ROWs' compadres?  Sorry to join in late!  Aeris is halfway finished with its proofing, or so I have assurance from my proof reader.  I've also been told I have a serious problem with ending sentences with prepositions.  Yay, something else to work on in my writing!  Hopefully, very soon it will be making its way to me for final additions (copyrights, acknowledgments, etc.) and formatting.

And on the Terris front: I'm 2/3rds finished with Nikka's chapter outline, and 2/3rds finished with Luka's.  Zyander's storyline will be a bit more complicated this time around, simply because he's got so much going on.  So far, I have about 4 chapters of his story outlined.

This time around, in Terris, I will be writing each story line on its own.  Hopefully, that will keep my writing at a faster pace.  I'm also going to try being a bit more detailed with my chapter outline.  Last time around I did summaries for each story, but that didn't have enough detail to carry me through the rough spots.  There were a lot of pleasant surprises that resulted, but I don't think I would have had the same issues with Zyander's story line, if I'd had a better outline.

It's hard for me, because I'm a creative person and I want wiggle room.  But I need to constantly remind myself to be more organized.  To that effect, I've started a Scrivener file on the Five Tribes Series.

My other goal, besides finally getting some of my concept art posted, is to dedicate one day a week to writing the next Angelic Agents story.  It may turn out to be a Novella.  Not sure yet.  But I'm having fun planning it.

That's all for now.   The book is still at a reduced price.  For now.  Will decide what to do after I've emailed Smashwords.
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