Sunday, March 4, 2012


Got some good work done this week.  Not much time for any of my usual internet hopping, though.  So this entry will probably be brief.

I finished the new Angelic Agents story.  I really enjoy these, maybe because I'm a pastor's kid and angels have always fascinated me.  I sent it to my sister who tends to do a lot of informal first reading for me.  She reads a lot of the same stuff I do, and she gives good feedback.

I've been working steadily on Aeris.  It is tough work, though.  Not because I'm uninspired or don't know what to write, but because my work at this point is half editing, half writing.  I'm making a lot of changes in Zyander's story line, which affects him and in turn Nikka, whose story is intimately entwined with his in this second book in the series.  I basically have to write a chapter, read two chapters, make some changes, and write another chapter.  It's slow work and takes a lot of brainpower that I just don't seem to have.  (New Baby, anyone?)

I'm also worried because, series are HARD!  Especially this series, which gets more and more complicated as you move through it.  Not in the drama sense (I really hate that, like where the drama between the actual characters is the only action in the story.  Argh.), but in the sense that I have 3 MCs, all with their own complicated story lines, and 5 tribes, each with a problem of its own, and now, I have at least 3 outside forces I have to deal with to end the series.

For the first time, I'm starting to wonder if I've bitten off more than I can chew.  Can I just say it again?  Series are HARD.  You have to worry about character growth, keeping the overarching story line interesting, keeping each individual story for the book interesting.  You have to think about how each thing that happens in the book you're currently in affects what happens in every book after.  "If I add in this element to make this book interesting, how will it affect the next book.  How will my characters deal with it?  Am I writing myself into a corner?"

It makes my brain hurt.  I'm starting to understand why people want editors.  These people are professionals whose job it is to pick apart a story and point out all the inconsistencies and continuity errors.

I can't believe how close this book is to being finished.  FINALLY!  :)

Off to work.  Happy Reading, all!

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