Sunday, February 12, 2012

Phoning it in...

I had a whole huge entry about my word of the year, DETERMINATION, to share with you, but then New Baby got the croup again and I got about... hmmm... 45 minutes of sleep last night.  Sometimes, as a mama, I DO have to tell myself, "You can get through this.  You can, and it WILL get better."  Thank goodness I have another son's experience on my belt or otherwise I might think otherwise.  New mamas out there, you have my sympathy.  I've been there and I understand your deep, everlasting fatigue.

I digress.  On to my update.  I'm so excited, guys!  I'm at 145,000 words with Aeris.  I'm >THIS< close to being finished with Luka's story and I've got my short story collection in proofing.  One of them.  The other one is in limbo because I haven't figured out the ending to one of the other stories yet.

I'm pretty sure —unless I come down with the plague— that I will, in fact, finish it by the 15th.  I'm so very very excited about where Luka's story went with this book, although I think I said that about Nikka's story, too. hahaha

So that's it from me for now.  I'm going out of town on Wed.  So I may or may not update.

Good luck to all my fellow ROW participants and Happy Reading!
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