Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Break...

I'm a December baby, one of those embittered souls whose childhood consisted of birthday/Christmas combos and leftover Christmas wrapping paper (because that was all they had, you see).  Luckily, thanks to my awesome parents and my own general ability to ignore stupid people, I LOVE Christmas.  Or you know, whatever you call this "Holiday Season".  To me, it's Christmas, with Douglas Fir trees, homemade gingerbread cookies with buttery frosting (yes, I make them myself!) and crammed stockings.
My favorite part of Christmas, however, is what my family did every year as I was growing up —pile into the family van (there were 8 kids, so yes, it was a VAN) to drive around and look at the Christmas lights.  I don't know how it got started, I was probably too young to remember, but I do know that as we drove around the city, oohing and ahhing over the fairy colors and pulsing brightness, I wished it would last all night.  Starting at the top, with my Dad, each of us would pick a favorite Christmas Carol to sing as we went along.  It was sort of a game to see how long we could keep going until we couldn't think of any more.
My Dad invariably picked "Joy to the World", my mom "O Little Town of Bethlehem" or "Silent Night".  My favorite song, hands down, was and always will be "The Twelve Days of Christmas".  What isn't there to like?  The song has everything, plus when you get towards the end you can sing it faster and faster until the words spill out of your mouth till you can hardly pronounce the words.
I hope to share that Christmas Tradition with my own boys, someday.  Here's hoping you find your own to share!

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Happy Reading!
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