Thursday, March 19, 2020

Corona Virus Productivity

Hey Readers, there's not much I can do during this global crisis except keep my kids and I at home, but if you're bored at home and you want something to read, I've written some books and I'm offering them free until May on Smashwords. I wish I could do Amazon, but they don't let me control the prices on my own books. BOO. Anyway, they have epub and mobi available which should be fine for any device.

I already sent these out to my mailing lists, but I didn't talk about the fact that I write under two different names. If you've ever put off buying my books for any reason (except that you hate them obviously) now is the time. I'm not promising they're epic, but they're at least entertaining, I think.
The code for my young adult fantasy books is AY47F
Here is the profile:

I also write silly romances (many from the perspective of someone who enjoys kdramas)and the coupon code is PJ63N.
Here is the profile:

Again, these will be free until May 1st, so enjoy, and Happy Reading!

PS- Maybe being stuck at home all day here in Cali will lead to more writing getting done. *fingers crossed*

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