Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gettin' my ROW on...

If you're a writer in the know then you know that this week the last round of the year for ROW80 starts.  Round of Words in 80 days is a self-created goal of some sort that you as a writer make for yourself.  I've been mulling this over for several days, folks and I can't seem to come to a personal goal.

My Word of the Year this year is FEARLESS and I think I've lived up to my goal so far.  Audiobooks, news blogging, I even started a new job.  But unfortunately, some of those things interfere with my writing time. (Mostly the new job)  I'm lucky if I have an hour a day right now.

If it were just a matter of getting up earlier, I could do it.  Getting up at 5 in the morning is no problem for me.  I did it every day when I was writing Aeris.  The problem here?  My kids get up at 5!

So, should I be getting up at 4 then?  Goodness me!
So, I think my goal has to be this:

I'm gonna try my best.  I'll keep that doc file open and whenever I have a free moment, where my kids are sleeping or my hubby is distracted, and I'll put some words in it.  
Terris might not get finished as quickly as I want it to, but at least I'll make progress, right?  And it's halfway done, so that's good also.

Yeah, so I guess I've made my goal.
Happy reading!
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Anonymous said...

Nah, don't get up at 4, or the kids will be getting up with you then. I like your goal.